Time to think about our future — Lim Mun Fah

16 May

MAY 16 — Before the 13th general election was held, I was worried that politicians who repeatedly played up racial issues might win and become even worse after the election in inciting racial sentiments.

After the election, I was worried that those with malicious motives might use the voting trend to create trouble and put forward a variety of plausible arguments to stir racial hatred.

Thankfully, two typical practitioners of extreme racism suffered a severe defeat in the election.

Thankfully, although a newspaper had published a provocative front-page headline, although some people had urged the government to change all existing multi-stream schools into single-stream schools, although someone warned of a backlash and although rumours were widely spread, we still proved that we are a family who can have peaceful co-existence and harmonious unity on May 13.

In the face of racist and provocative views, I believe that all friends who love peace and harmony will be very angry while finding a way to counterattack those people and their remarks to stop them from poisoning the people’s minds and leading the country and the people towards ruin.

The best counterattack is not to remain silent, but to take action.

After winning the election, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak promised to implement a national reconciliation programme to eliminate extremism and racism.

Meanwhile, Pakatan Rakyat is planning to hold a “national unity conference” to discuss countermeasures to promote national harmony.

We are happy with the prime minister’s commitment and Pakatan Rakyat’s plan.

In fact, it is gratifying that while various political parties were still engaged in the confrontation even after the election, many visionary intellectuals and 14 civil society groups have taken the initiative to organise a dialogue and study on how Malaysia should reform to facilitate national unity.

Participants of the dialogue raised a point of view that is very worthy of our careful consideration. That is, all political parties should bid farewell to race-based policies and stop all racial disuniting programmes as their election policies have caused a racial split.

The people are now facing such a worry, namely racists are still waiting for an opportunity to take action and racism is still lingering in the air. Society does not seem to be able to differentiate between justice and evil, while right and wrong are justified based on which party you belong to. All of these have led to social chaos and triggered anxiety.

Therefore, I very much hope that similar constructive dialogues could be held nationwide, similar timely exhortatory viewpoints could be widely reported while similar voices that can help in promoting racial understanding and harmony could be shared and spread by more netizens, so that more people can get rid of the election frenzy, find the direction, and think about the future of the country and the people more objectively and rationally! — mysinchew.com

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.


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