Down, but not out — Lim Hoang Hoang

13 May

MAY 13 — Like many of you, I am still suffering from post-election blues.

I was up all night on 505, with Notebook on, TV on, I-Pad on and calculator in hand. (I lost my ability to do mental arithmetic to the value of 222 in the midst of prevailing tension!)

When the EC announced that BN had garnered enough votes to form a new government, I was dead worried – horror of horrors, will they next regain the two-thirds majority?

Like many of you, I felt crushed, perplexed and distressed with the election outcome, and spent much time pondering and digesting what had happened. Relief came when I reached a point where I believed that all that had happened can and will happen for good, i.e. if we do not give up.

Strength, maturity and character are forged in adversity. Have you seen a tree that has been whipped by gale and storm, and withstood the test? It becomes sturdy, solid and beautifully shaped.

All is not lost. Little by little, the fight against an authority which should no longer be given the mandate to rule is gaining ground. The momentum and groundswell shall continue to build up, especially with the younger generation in the fray, catching the spark, and in the relay.

Little by little is rarely appealing. It can be very difficult and painful.  Who, in his right mind likes to suffer long? But it may gain better traction and more enduring gains down the road.

Let’s remember this repeated lesson of history that it is easy to dismantle but not to rebuild. Think of the many instances when popular uprisings toppled a dictator to be replaced by another dictator – a worse dictator; when a corrupt regime is toppled to be replaced with another corrupt regime.

A revolution can also go on and on with no promising end in sight, resulting in an even worse plight for the people. (Just look at what is happening in several of the Arab Spring countries.)  I want to trust that our current Pakatan Rakyat has the potential and calibre to dismantle and also to rebuild.

It is heartening to note an increasing number of young and talented joining their ranks.  To rebuild the right foundations, we certainly need those with skilful hands and integrity of heart, God-fearing, capable people with good character. Or else it will be back to more of the same.

Little by little, but the clamour of the crowd is loud especially in the new social media.  We need that: the voice of the people must be loud and clear.  But we must also be careful that while we want to be in the League for a two-party system against corruption, cronyism, poor governance, racism, religious bigotry, and electoral fraud, let us also not be swayed by the mood of the crowd in the wrong way.

For example – spreading misleading information, untrue reports, false accusations and slander. While our souls are tormented by hearing and seeing deeds of lawlessness around us, let us be careful not to return evil for evil, violence for violence and hatred for hatred. We will then all live in a community full of  evil, violence and hatred.

Finally, to the Opposition leaders in the line of fire at the battlefront – thank you for what you have relentlessly endured for the sake of a better tomorrow for the present and future generations. Down, but not out; little by little, but more and more gaining ground.

* Lim Hoang Hoang is a retired teacher who reads The Malaysian Insider.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.




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