Former judge calls on Malays to be strong and aggressive

12 May

KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 — The Malays need to be more aggressive to strengthen political and economic power to avoid being regarded as a weak race in their own country. 

Former appeals court judge Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah said Malay rights enshrined in the federal constitution have to be defended and the Malay leadership does not have to be apologetic to the other races. 

“Result of the 13th general election (GE13) and the ‘Chinese tsunami’ show that the Chinese have forgotten about the bond established 55 years ago.” 

Mohd Noor said although the Malays have high tolerance, they hate betrayal and show of disrespect.

 “Expect a backlash from the Malays,” he told “GE13 Post Mortem: Muslim Leadership and Survival” organised by Federation of Peninsula Malay Students (GPMS)and UiTM Alumni Association here today

Efforts should be made to retain Malay political power and to increase Malay reserve land in urban areas and increase economic share to 67 per cent in 10 years. 

Although the Malays have a special position in this country, they only own about 20 per cent of the economy. 

Mohd Noor warned the Malays to reject corruption because it can destroy their dignity and weaken the nation. 

“It must be strictly enforced so that the Malays fear corruption. This is because some people say the Malays can be bought with a cigarette,” he added. 

Former PAS deputy president Dr Nasharuddin Mat Isa said that efforts towards Umno-PAS unity should be continued for the sake of race and religion. 

“The future of our nation and religion is under threat. Some people may criticise me for saying this. Is it wrong in our religion to talk about race? 

“The events of May 13, 1969, and those affecting Muslims are of concern to the people. When you see the current trend, it is not impossible for similar events to recur if efforts for unity are not done.” 

Muslim Intellectual Group member Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal said young Malays are not keen to fight for their race for fear of being called racists. 

“The young failed to understand the Malay struggle because some clerics labelled it as ‘assabiyah’ or fanaticism. He also shared Nasharuddin’s sentiment that there is no reason for Umno and PAS not to be united for the sake of religion and nation. President of Malay Professional Thinkers Association Datuk Dr Kamarudin Kachar said the resolution will be submitted to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak tomorrow as a guide to retain Muslim political power. — Bernama



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