We move in peace — Suetnee Kelly Wong

10 May

MAY 10 — Rather than a closure after GE13, the drama has been escalated. But then again, how can we call it a closure when we’re owed an explanation as to what went down on May 5? The outcome of the recent election left many speechless, wounded and heartbroken, myself included.

It doesn’t help when more salt is added to the wound with outrageous headlines in the national media and baseless remarks made by prominent leaders. While international news organisations like the Economist and Huffington Post are analysing Malaysia’s situation, worrying on our behalf, our local mainstream media is on a roll of doing the exact opposite. They have a preference for headlines that spark racial disunity rather than instigate simple mediating efforts between the lines like how to pick up the pieces and mend broken hearts.

Does it make a difference if a Malay, Chinese or Indian were to win a parliamentary seat? What makes you so different from me besides our skin tones? We went to the same schools, we sing the exact words to “Negaraku”. How does that separate us, aside from the fact that we have different ancestors and we practise different beliefs? Do you honestly think we get to choose where we come from? If so, please tell me because I’m extremely curious to know.

It is a must to remind Malaysians, regardless of whose side you’re on, that we work in peace. We come in peace. We are friends with one another no matter the skin colour. Left wing, right wing, whatever wing there is in the country, all should move in peace. No religion advocates the opposite of peace in all that we do.

It’s time we quit playing the blame game. Keep your fingers to yourself and stop pointing at others. Number one, it’s rude to point. Number two, there’s no reason to. The beauty of Malaysia is its racial diversity. Sadly, it is easily and often turned into a double-edged sword; bringing out the ugly side of Malaysians when exploited. Playing the racial card is possibly the easiest trick in the book, but it’s also the cheapest and lowest anyone can go.

We are all in the same boat. We are only human and which human being does not want justice and peace? And at this moment in time, we Malaysians need nothing more than justice and peace. As far as I’m concerned (you know, after seeing people demanding for “orang Cina to balik China”), sorry bro, saya anak Malaysia. And after witnessing the power of the people over the past few days, I am more than proud to be one.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.


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