Kelantan Umno confident of wooing out-of-state voters

9 May

JOHOR BAHARU, July 15 — Kelantan Umno Liaison chairman Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed is confident that the party can woo Kelantan voters residing outside the state to give their support to the party and ensure that Barisan Nasional recaptures the state in the 13th general election. 

He said the programme where party leaders went to meet outstation voters such as in Shah Alam, Rawang and Kajang for the past two months had shown very good response. 

“Currently, there are 150,000 outstation voters, representing 15 per cent of the 900,000 registered voters in the state of Kelantan. “They make up a significant number and can be a deciding factor for victory. We expect support from voters in the state to be 50-50 but with support from outside voters, InsyaAllah we can win,” he said. 

He disclosed this to reporters after attending a gathering of the Kelantan-born residing in Johor held in Skudai, here last night which was attended by almost 500 Kelantan-born from throughout the state. 

Mustapa (picture) did not deny that the lack of support from outside voters in the last general election was among the factors for the failure of the BN in wresting Kelantan in the last general election. 

However, he said, this was due to the weakness of the outside voters bureau in approaching the outside voters, but this had been addressed by having various activities to get closer to these voters. — Bernama



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